What is Fastflux technology

What is Fastflux technology
Today, thousands of sites, companies and individuals want to remain anonymous on the Internet. There are many different means and methods for this. One of them is Fastflux technology. Literally translated from English "Fastflux" means fast flow. In practice, the technology allows you to quickly change your computer's IP address by manipulating DNS.
Used correctly, this approach provides greater security and privacy, which many attackers actively exploit. They use Fastflux to steal data, attack other resources.
It is impossible to create such a sit completely on your own; for this you need to enlist the support of a domain name registrar. In order to absolve themselves of any responsibility, such organizations usually operate from states that do not legally restrict illegal work on the network.
Today Fastflux is a very dangerous technology. It is quite difficult to fight against hackers using it.

Who uses Fastflux hosting
Fastflux technology has been actively used for over 10 years and practically does not lose its relevance. The main idea of ​​Fastflux is to connect several hundred or thousands of IP addresses to one domain name, which will also change very quickly. This ensures high anonymity of operations, hides the real ip of the computers from which the attack is carried out. It becomes difficult for the affected party to track dangerous traffic and its sources.
The main users of Fastflux technologies are cybercriminals. Since the technology allows you to achieve a very high degree of anonymity, it is used by many to steal data, attack other sites and resources, send spam, and so on.
At the moment, there are not many effective methods of fighting that are used in attacks using Fastflux technologies. This is a fairly serious threat on the Internet.

How bullet-resistant hosting differs from regular hosting
Now the protection on the Internet from illegal and semi-legal resources is at a fairly high level. It will not work just to create a casino website, viral software, phishing. The hosting owner will quickly receive several complaints (abuses), after which the resource will cease to function.
Blocking is a normal hosting reaction in this situation. But only if it is a legal hosting that works in the CIS according to all standards. Blocking of unwanted resources is done so that the hosting owner himself does not have any problems and official requests.
Some less principled hosting owners offer their clients bullet-resistant hosting. They guarantee the long-term operation of the hosted resource, since they do not consciously respond to complaints.
True, according to experts, a significant part of bulletproof hosting services turns out to be a deception. The seller takes the payment, and immediately or after a while the resource is banally blocked. Therefore, proven bulletproof hosting sites are quite expensive.


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