Bulletproof domain registrar - who is it

bulletproof domain

Bulletproof domain registrar - who is it
A regular domain registrar is a company that has a statutory license to create domain names. In the USA there is an organization - ICANN, which monitors the legality of the work of each registrar. If serious irregularities are found in its work, ICANN may revoke the license.
Therefore, any suspicious content, sites and materials are either immediately blocked by the registrar, or a warning is issued and an order is issued to self-edit illegal materials. Sometimes there are situations when, due to unreasonable complaints, the registrar really quickly and without warning stops the ability to access the site. This can be a big blow to anyone's business.
But more often than not, complaints from third parties come not to domain registrars, but to hosting owners. After all, it is on their services that all materials are placed. To protect your site from blocking or intruders, you need to get a bulletproof hosting.

Why Bulletproof Hostings Are So Expensive
A significant proportion of sites on the Internet are subject to complaints. These may be justified requests from copyright holders, or there may be attempts by competitors to disrupt the operation of the resource. Some users place their sites on bulletproof hosting to make blocking impossible.
Hosting companies themselves conduct a number of activities in order not only to ignore complaints, but also not to be held responsible for further consequences. The most important part is placing servers in special states. Where the law weakly regulates what is connected with the Internet. An example of such a country is Malaysia.
Also, bulletproof hosting offers its customers the widest possible channel, thereby reducing the likelihood of successful hacker attacks.
Scammers are a separate problem. They only declare a high degree of reliability, but at the very first complaints they block the site so as not to create unnecessary problems for themselves.
For these reasons, high-quality bulletproof hosting is quite expensive and in some cases it will be very expensive to maintain it.

Pros and cons of bulletproof hosting
If you are faced with blocking on hosting, then you have probably heard about bulletproof hosting. They allow you to keep the site in good working order for a very long time, regardless of complaints from third parties. Typically, such hosting is used by the owners of "gray" sites and services. For example, casinos or spam mailings. But ordinary users also purchase such hosting to protect against complaints from competitors or attacks.
Bulletproof hosting sites have their pros and cons, which we will try to considerthird and understand who in the end they can be useful.
The main advantage of such hosting comes from the name - bullet resistance. Hosting will not block the site due to complaints coming from either supervisory authorities or ordinary users.
Using a wide channel allows you to protect the hosted site from attacks, to ensure its more stable operation.
Cons - high price and often bad reviews about the hosting itself.
The choice of bulletproof hosting is a responsible matter, on which the functioning of the site and the cost of its maintenance will then depend.

Do you need a bulletproof domain
Comprehensive and high-quality protection of your resource from any negative influences is always needed. It is especially important to think about a well-thought-out strategy for protecting the site from blocking, complaints, attacks.
Some people cannot immediately determine whether they need such a domain or whether they can get by with less measures. Most often, bulletproof domains are bought by those who post illegal or semi-legal content on their sites. They may receive a complaint, after which the domain registrar will block their site, it will be unavailable.
But there is a bullet-resistant domain registrar that does not comply with generally accepted standards. It will not stop or restrict the activities of the site. Finding such a registrar is quite difficult. It is easier to meet scammers and deceivers.
Much more important is that such complaints most often come to the hosting and it is from him that the problems and blocking of the site come. Therefore, initially it is worthwhile to deal with the hosting and find a good bulletproof option. Together with a reliable domain registrar, this is excellent protection.

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